Friday, October 07, 2005

Where in the World is Sergey Brin?

I saw this photo on Flickr of Sergey Brin wearing a Blogspot T-Shirt, and it occurred to me: would somebody wear a Blogspot shirt if they didn't even have a blog? Maybe if you're the founder of a multi-billion dollar corporation, this is how you show support for your corporate children. Is this like sticking a "My Kid Made the Honor Roll At..." bumper sticker on your car?

At any rate, the t-shirt is pretty cool. It doesn't have as much pizazz as the Gevil shirt ... but the color scheme is much more fashionable!

Please comment if you have any clues as to where Sergey's blog is ... and Sergey: if you simply overlooked creating a blog before wearing the shirt, would you send me a t-shirt when you take this page down? :)